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Sexual Harassment and Complaints Procedures

That there are a number of issues with the way in which complaints procedures are orientated towards a hierarhical  

If we look at Narcissism that relates to generational tribes of behaviour, then we can expand our understanding of how performance fits into a wider role. or feeder, to the constructs of a society.

That the death of James Bond is connected to the death of 90's narcissism, outlined in the book Snake and Suits by Robert D Hare. With this particular grouping of tropes lasting for approximately 3/4 decades and having had a relationship to the kind of comedy, and story that was told across this time period.  For instance Never Mind the Buzzcocks, or films surrounding the British identity and how you might be able to find this in the news broadcasts that were presented from the BBC. 


  That we are now facing the creation of a new form of generational ethical-intersectional narcissism, that like its predecessor, functions in relation to the stories that we tell ourselves, and likely has both good and bad elements within it. 


That, if we look at narcissism as an important tool to safeguard shame, and potentially also factors such as depression (with arguments highlighting that low states of narcissism is an indicator for depression or personal mental health issues).  That the way in which we as artists feed this enables a cultural control over our ability to handle certain elements of the world that we are living in. And potentially feeding, as highlighted in Snakes in Suits, both the good and bad elements of it.

 That it is likely the next generation of artists will find issue with our current take on how we relate to feeling special, and the way in which we might or might not shame others. 

I have worked as a researcher on disability-led initiatives through The CF:SLR Cohort and PlayWell.  (The report for PlayWell can be found here, the report for the CF:SLR Cohort has not been released).  I have also been asked to mentor a number of disabled performers and filmmakers (through Arts Emergency, and RCSSD).  I am soon to be working as an access coordinator on the next iteration of audio podcast:  I have also taught workshops on working with performers with cognitive disabilities - the notes for which can be found here:

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